Egyptian Themed Slots- Travel to the lands of riches

The land of Cleopatra has often been used as a theme on various online slot machines. Indeed, Egypt is a land of wonder with all the pyramids, gold, symbols and gods it hides. Even at Rialto Casino, you can travel to the lands of ancient monuments, Sphinx and Pyramids by playing Egyptian-themed slot games. The symbols, graphics and background music of these slot games will give you THE Egyptian feel. Reminisce the ancient ages where gods roamed the lands on these slot games.

In history, there are numerous pharaohs and rulers who have made their name, and you will see some of them on the reels of the Egyptian-themed slots. Be ready to meet powerful Egyptians like Cleopatra, Tutankhamun, Ra, Isis and Ramesses. If you are ready to walk through the deserts and dwell into the pyramids, the games you can play are Riches of Ra slots, Ramesses Riches slots, Cleopatra Plus slots, Tutankhamun slots and Legend of the Pharaohs slots

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