Blackjack - Realistic
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Box Bet: £1.00 - £2,00024/7RTP: 99.50%

Blackjack - Realistic

About Blackjack - Realistic

At Regal Wins, you can always play your favourite card games! One such example is Blackjack – Realistic. Set against a classic blue table, relish in some rounds of the world-famous Blackjack game. With vibrant and lifelike graphics, it also offers an authentic casino experience which you can enjoy anytime and anywhere. Launch this game on any type of device at Regal Wins!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

As the name suggests, Blackjack – Realistic provides you with a standard gameplay and familiar game rules. For instance, make use of the Hit option which allows you to pick another card to complete your hand. But if you are satisfied with it and do not wish for extra cards, simply click on the Stand button.

On Blackjack – Realistic, you may select the Double option to get an additional card to complete your hand after viewing your first 2. However, it is not available after a Split which occurs when your first 2 cards have the same value. With the Split option, you can distribute these 2 cards into 2 different hands by placing another bet of equal value on the other one. Hence, you can play one hand at a time. Has your hand pushed the value beyond 21? Simply go Bust! This happens when you choose to Hit and the added card makes your hand exceed 21.

Don’t miss the Insurance Bet on Blackjack – Realistic! When the dealer’s first card is an Ace, you can place an Insurance bet which is equal to half of your initial wager. If the dealer achieves a blackjack, it pays 2:1 and the round ends. Otherwise, the Insurance Bet is lost, while the round continues to play.

Symbols Available

While enjoying Blackjack – Realistic, you can come across classic playing cards that are counted as per their face value as in 2 to 10. Ace is taken as 1 or 11. Face cards like King, Queen and Jack are counted as 10.

Betting Options

On Blackjack - Realistic, find chip values ranging from 1.00 to 500.00 units. Select a chip by clicking on one of them and place it on one of the betting spots on the table. Additional clicks on the same spot increase your stake. Different options like Deal, Double Bet, Undo, Clear All, Repeat or Deal and Repeat Bet are also at your disposal.

Get the chance to personalise your gameplay on Blackjack – Realistic! You can change the table colour and the cards’ appearance by clicking on “Preferences”. Select the voice of the dealer between male and female. Make the most of the other settings such as Always offer insurance, Always offer even money, Remove bust cards in game warnings or Automatic Stand.

On Blackjack – Realistic, 6 decks of shuffled cards are used. Your aim here is to beat the dealer by achieving a hand count which is closer to 21, without exceeding it. Once your bet is placed, the dealer deals one face-up card on each of the betting areas, with one for himself. Another round is dealt face-up, however, the dealer’s second card remains face-down. If your first 2 cards are Ace and 10, you have a total count of 21, you can trigger a Blackjack!

Why You Should Play Blackjack - Realistic

Blackjack – Realistic comes with the familiar game of Blackjack and offers interesting payouts for a minimum wager of 1 unit. It also offers a visual treat with its neat design!


Blackjack – Realistic is undeniably a creation of Realistic Games, a top game provider! Reason being, it is packed with vibrant colours and lifelike graphics which create a fantastic casino atmosphere. Immerse yourself into this classy game and have plenty of fun!

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Terms and Conditions

Random game play

The cards drawn from the deck of 6 cards are done so totally randomly.

Return to player percentage

The expected return to player (RTP) reflects the theoretical return over a large number of plays, based on the player playing the optimum strategy for the game. The RTP is expressed as the percentage returned to players in winnings of the total amount staked, e.g. if £1,000,000 was staked and£990,000 was returned, the RTP of the game for that period of play would be 99%.

The expected RTP for this game, based on the player playing the optimum strategy, is 99.50%. Due to players not always adhering to the optimum strategy, the actual RTP is likely to be lower than 99.50%.

The actual RTP during a playing session can vary widely, in either direction, from the theoretical return.


Game rules and information can be accessed from the game for all formats of the game.