Slingo Shark Week
Game Info
20p -  £20Max payout: £250,000: Jackpot: NoPaylines: 12

Slingo Shark Week

Play Slingo Shark Week Slot online

The open ocean calls – will you answer? Play Slingo Shark Week and test your mettle as you go up against the ocean’s deadliest predator. This unique collaboration between Slingo and Shark Week will have you testing the limits of how deep you can dive into fin-tastic slot and bingo action!

Bonus Features

Extra Spins

This is where the game really heats up, as you’ll get extra bites of the cherry while avoiding the sharks taking bites out of you. Clicking on Spin will buy you more time to keep swimming in those shark-infested waters. Play through the Extra Spins, to reach one of the five Bonus rounds. Yep – the thrills just keep on coming!

Bonus Wheel

Working Your Way Up the Food Chain

The bonus wheel includes segments that activate other features and instant win prizes. You’ll notice a shark’s tooth pointer right at the top of the wheel. Once the wheel has stopped spinning, the shark’s teeth will point to your prize. Yes, in this game a shark getting his teeth stuck into something is a good thing. Who knew these deadly creatures could be so generous?

Bonus Games

Multiple areas of the wheel either reward you with a cash prize or trigger a bonus games like Break the Cage, Fish Grab, and What Did the Shark Eat that are sure to get your blood boiling. There are 20 spaces on the bonus wheel, with each bonus game icon taking up three spaces each, leaving 8 slots for cash prizes. With 10 Slingos comes the Shark Wheel, and 12 rewards you the full house shark award bonus.

Terms and Conditions

Malfunction voids all plays and pay. RTP = 95.32%